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Sales Director / Director for Development

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Sales Team

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Charlotte Jensen

Tanja Hemmingsen

Sales Team

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Henrik Ebsen

Purchase Team

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Lone Frydensberg

Finance Team

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Stock Manager

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Christian Damborg


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LEBA Innovation A/S is a Danish company with over 15 years of research, development and sales excellence. Since 2000, we’ve been creating innovative solutions for customers and have developed our products in collaboration with schools and educational institutions throughout Europe.


We have developed and produced a unique range of trolleys – the NoteCart – for the transport, storage and recharging of laptop computers and tablets in all settings. It means that your technology is where your students or employees are, fully uploaded and ready for use.


For the storage and recharging of notebooks, PDAs, iOS devices and other electronic equipment, we have developed and produced a unique cabinet – the NoteLocker. Now technology users who bring their own electronic equipment can store it securely and have it recharged at the same time when it is not in use.


Our range of robust and compact cases for tablets and mini tablets – the NoteCase – makes it easy to transport, charge and manage class sets of devices. Ergonomically designed wheels and handles allow you to bring your technology to students anywhere inside or outside of school.


Designed for use in schools, government and corporate environments, NoteBox Flex is a robust and easily configurable unit made of rust-free and high resistant steel. The unit is equipped with adjustable dividers and to ensure safety, power panels and electric parts are stored in a separate compartment in the rear of the box.


For those needing to make synchronisation and administration of iPads, iPhones, iPods and other tablets easy, we and our partners at Cambrionix have developed a flexible range of sync and charge units  – the NoteSync2, NoteSync Lite and NoteCharge Lite.


Our products are designed to meet the demands of everyday life in educational and workplace settings, delivering the highest level of quality, functionality and flexibility. The continuing development of our products is important for us as a means of ensuring that our products always live up to the highest standards of innovation.